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Arena - Bedlam Fayre Paroles

Crawling through the poison pool
Hiding eyes with bleeding hands
Every step another fool
Kings and Queens of sand

Over there an angry god
Violent brow and negligence
Making waves that can't be stopped
Unafraid of consequence

Chosen faith's a lottery
Heaven sent down forgeries
Miracles and travesties
Irreligion sows that seed

Staring through the Judas Hole
See what I can see?
Every covenant of souls
Drum roll payments paid to me...

Bethlehem to Bedlam Fayre - No one helps, no one cares!
Let the people mock and stare - See them run around, around, around

This place - So far gone
Darker than h*ll - A stagnant field of dreams
That face - Speaks to me
So much to say - But nothing

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I Love Arena! ♥♥♥

#2. Poster à 2015-06-30 19:58

I Love Arena! ♥♥♥Songspk.Fit

#1. Poster à 2015-06-30 19:58 - The Hanging Tree Paroles

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Arena - Bedlam Fayre Paroles

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