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Ayo. - Before Paroles

Today I just don't feel as good as I felt yesterday
My mind is trapped in thoughts, there ain't no back door to escape
Everything was good before I started to feel that way
Before I slammed the door, before I cursed,
Before I scratched my face

Before the rain, before the hurting
Before the lies, the distrust, the madness,
Before the pain

When will these old wounds of mine stop bleeding?
And how long does it take before I start to heal?
After each time I break down, it's like my heart stopped beating
That's after the break outs, after the shouts, after the drain

After the rain, after the hurting
After the abuse, after the blues,
After I took off and threw my shoes
After the bruise, after the refuse,
After me freaking out and breaking loose

After the lies, the rage in my eyes, the torn, the blame,
After the pain

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Ayo. - Before Paroles

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