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French Montana - Sanctuary Paroles

You know
It's kinda f*cked up but
It's kinda like you're born to lose, you know what I mean?
Steady young, get your own n*gga
Coke boy

You already know that
All this money I be staring at
You already know that
All this money I be staring at
All this money I be staring at
Bring your love baby, I'm a bring my shine
Bring the drugs baby, I'm a bring my pain
You already know that
All this money I be staring at
All this money I be staring at

I don't know what's worse
To never get it
Or get it and lose it
You know what I mean? it's sanctuary baby
You know they say
It's the game of life
And you don't get to play it twice

[Verse 1:]
A car, big mansion with the bezel
Tryna make a deal with the devil
I want it all
Born to lose, ain't it?
Rules in engagement
Glued to the pavement
Sell it all
My first flip was when the needle hit my vein
Lost at odds is when the drugs fix the pain
Pray for me tatted on my neck
money, I was dying for my respect
I was high getting wet
Was a way of life
Stranded on the block
Fiends buying worth, only thing in sight
Had to pay in life
Mama working 3 job, father leaning, he high
My home boy on the run, he hot


[Verse 2:]
Head shot, didn't die
God got a plan for you
Bounce back, hit the block
OG got them grams for you
Did it on your own, nobody gave a hand to you
Now you hot, spitting bars, shows 30 grand for you
God protect the child that can hold his own
Almost lost it all for everything he own
Put that on everything
Thought I knew it all but I ain't know anything
Did it with my dawg, Had to get my weight up
Flip the K's up
100 round homie lift your braids up
Never put my legs up
I'm working out, it's working out
They wonder how
Hundred mouth, run a n*gga gunning till the sun is down


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French Montana - Sanctuary Paroles

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