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I can see it now
My life was breaking down
A lost and so ungrateful and unfaithful soul
Hurt so many friends and now the pain won't end
And I'm so glad that grace and favor wins

I've made You grieve and made You weep
Woe is me I've strayed from Thee
Restore me back to that place oh God
Let me rest in You
There's nobody like You
I found out

People will leave you out to die
And not even care that they made you cry
And the more you try, to make it right
It seems like nothing happens
(I found out)
Friends will leave you out to dry
Whom told you they'd never leave your side
But you will find, in the nick of time
It works out because
God happens

Underneath your wings
I can now see my dreams
Your word is my will, sword and shield
Look at me
One with Thee
Finally you're smiling at me
Restored back to that place in You oh God
There's nobody like You
I found out


God Happens [repeat]

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J Moss - God Happens Paroles

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