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Konshens - Dem Nuh Real Paroles

Onton wooy, wooy, wooy, wooy, wooy, wooy
Yo think dem real
Dem no real
When everything pretty an di money dem a spend dem a friend
But if yo thing slow down a likkle bit yuh naw go find none a dem
Yow Jades

Yo better watch dem
No take yo eye off a dem
No lock yo eye keep yo eye open
Seh dem a friend dem a no no friend
From yo si dem yuh wi know dem
Dem no real, dem no real, dem no real, dem no real a bomboclaat wooy
Seh dem no real, dem no real, dem no real, dem no real a bomboclaat

[Verse 1:]
A good thing seh wi money nuff
So wi no haffi beg none a dem
True wi heart clean meck wi help some a dem
Wi buss nuff a dem but wi no trust nuff a dem
Pon di battlefield big runner dem
Hey put di fakers in a di dutty bag
But good friends dem fi no suffer fi di bad
Cause now a days fi separate di real from di fake a di hardest job


[Verse 2:]
Wi thing a build dem waan si wi under di dirt
When yuh a bill dem would a waan si yuh hurt
Bad mine fi di pants, fi di car, fi di shirt
Dem never waan yo turn a dan pon di earth
But dem fi know seh wi a di biggest hypocrite to
Gwaan like yuh with mi mi a go gwaan like mi with yuh
Enemy dem no fi si yuh when yo weak
All when yuh think mi a sleep


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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konshens-buss a blanks

konshens-buss a blanks

I Love Konshens! ♥♥♥

#2. Poster à 2011-10-08 21:13 - Hooked On You Paroles



I Love The Music! ♥♥♥

#1. Poster à 2011-07-14 13:03 - Fuck U 2night Paroles

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Konshens - Dem Nuh Real Paroles

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