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Konshens - Liad Paroles

Baby girl wad a wine deh name
Wa it name naw no conscience
Or want a conscience
Watch wa look yah no
Watch aw watch wa look yah no
Watch yah watch yah watch yah
Look yah no

Gyal mi naw go bi no liad fi get close to yo body
Mi a try hard
Mi would a want yuh come over meck wi just f*ck till wi tired
Gyal mi naw go bi no liad fi get a piece a yo body
Mi a try hard
Mi would a want yuh come over meck wi just f*ck till wi tired

[Verse 1:]
Gyal a wa that yo in a gyal
Is a dress that or is a marina gyal
In a sexy a yuh a di leader gyal
Yo body firm like Angelina gyal
An yuh a spread it out like di gleaner gyal
Wa meck yuh so evil a mussi adija gyal
How fi wine yo come in yah fi teach a gyal
If a girl seh hotter than yuh
That a musi a dreamer gyal


[Verse 2:]
Wait one second how a gwaan so mad like Michele or a dance expression
think seh fi dagga that
When mi done haffi wonder if mi spar wid ding dong
Famous an cadelock
mystic but no care what did
Bermuda kids so deal wid are wicked
Baby it's getting hot in here
A wanna tell yuh something off di air
When fling it out like bigga versatile
Mi haffi wonder if are waste line work wid oil
Serious shin aw go work wid smile
Ugly like di eel an in a xfile
seh konshens yuh no dancer youth
Yuh a do type fi stand up an a gwaan like yuh cute
Mi seh baby yuh a talk di truth
But in a di bed room di p*ssy mi a iron secure

[Chorus x2]

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konshens-buss a blanks

konshens-buss a blanks

I Love Konshens! ♥♥♥

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I Love The Music! ♥♥♥

#1. Poster à 2011-07-14 13:03 - Fuck U 2night Paroles

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Konshens - Liad Paroles

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