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Now if you feeling how I'm feeling put your hands up high,
If you feeling how I'm feeling put your lighters in the sky.

[Verse 1:]
Now if you feeling how I'm feeling put your hands up high,
If you feeling how I'm feeling put your lighters in the sky,
I'll be damned if I ain't living the life I always wanted,
Started from the bottom as a young and gettin' blunted now I run it like a marathon Ho,
Yeah it's on Ho,
Hits motherfucker, hits Barry Bonds Ho,
In the studio for twenty two days,
I'm too paid,
Might f*ck around and kick flip in my new J's,
I got a show in Paris then Tokyo so I'm lu paid
a shorty in Paris I'm getting crème brûlée

[Hook: x2]
a 9 to 5,
I'm too alive for the real world,
Never die in the real world Lie in the real world,
Everything ain't what it seems,
When you following your dreams

[Verse 2:]
How you feeling Ho?
I'm makin the killing Ho, really doe,
Talking all that s*it behind my back just Like a silly (Ho),
Had a dream Dr. King,
Now that money ain't a thing
I've been through a lot of pain, looking like we overcame!
life just ain't the same, all ya know my name
the fame, Maryland where I came
Broke up in the game, and it feels Good, Good, real Good, good
Now we livin in the hills pissing off the neighborhood,
It's just me Castro and Six, going crazy in this ,
Plus my homie John
And the whole RattPack you know we on,
Livin the life of a don
While my homie Slay roll up the swisher
I get richer while they hate, watch the Money Gravitate
Finally eat and grab a plate
yeah that's sounding great
I've been high I been Low but There's one thing That I know
It's been a long time coming now my whole team got it,
And if you're hatin' suck a d*ck and b*tch about it

[Hook x2]

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I Love Logic! ♥♥♥

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Logic - 925 Paroles

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