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[Verse 1:]
Uh, feeling like I gotta get it right now
Moving like a killer in the darkness outta sight now
On another level, so the devil wanna fight now
Growing up dirt broke, but it's looking bright now
on the pipe now, lick a d*ck right now
But I can't fade, taking shots with the sight down
Uh, yeah I coulda died that day
But I guess God don't ride that way
Chillin' in the club, getting high all day
With a couple bad b*tches, I'm a do it my way
Trippin' by the way that I be livin'
Everything I got 'em giving
Why you think they can't do it like me

I'm a get high yeah, yeah, yeah [x4]

[Verse 2:]
No, I don't smoke, but I'm feeling like
Maybe getting green'll get a brotha' feeling hella right (Uh)
on my d*ck, but I don't give a d*mn (Yeah)
Blowin' up my phone, trynna get the dinner plan
Back stage with the homies 'bout to get it, man
a fifteen minute man
Look young, but I been a man
All that ringtone rap, make a brotha' wanna kill a man
I am just a sinner, man
Keep it real, yeah, that been the plan
You know we always do it for the fans
I be sippin' low key like no ID
Always in the lab, yes, sir, that's me
Label that I'm reppin', that's VMG
From the womb to the tomb, we be keepin' it G (Logic)
What you know about me?
Everybody know that I be reppin' that 3-0-1
around again, son
West Deer Park, that's where I'm from


[Verse 3:]
Feeling like I gotta bring it back again
Always on another level, don't know how to act again
I be on that real (real), no I never back down
You don't wanna f*ck around
Busting like a Mac, now
Started from the bottom, ain't no way I'm a go back down
Slack now, all the motherfucker, h*ll naw, never that now
Tell me that they love me, I don't give a f*ck
Boy chillin' in the cut bad b*tch, far from it, s*ut


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Logic - Break It Down Paroles

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