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I got hat click-clack, bang-bang - hit a n*gga up
It's that young n*gga, Rich Gang, we don't give a f*ck
Give your b*tch this dang-a-lang, she gon' give me some
Got that big AK thang, sittin' in the trunk

[Verse 1: YG]
That b*tch called my phone askin' me about my other h*e
If she keep pressing, I'm a f*ck around and f*ck her, though
, snitches and f*ck niggas, I don't f*ck with those
Swear you n*ggas pussy, n*ggas chicken like Buffalos
Ride around in that Porsche, cops tryna blurt me, of course
Your n*ggas don't eat pork, my n*ggas don't do court
Murder, murder, murder, muder...
You n*ggas ain't beefin' with a hamburger (it's 400!)

Said my homies gettin' high (to my homies gettin' high)
Swear somebody gonna die (somebody gonna die)
I said my homies gettin' high (my homies gettin' high)
Swear somebody gonna die (somebody gonna die)


[Verse 2: Ferg]
You can find me in the back, and I'm riding Continental
Bumpin' Mac Dre, and he got me on my thizzle
Fill that up with lead like a motherfuckin' pencil
gon' give me head while I'm loading up my pencil
See the homie YG, rollin' down my window
Said they try and try me, what you tryna get into?
\' with the wrong one, we gon' get revenge
\' with the wrong n*gga, five shots in your Benz
\' with the wrong n*ggas, those are not your friends
They a bunch of wearin' thong n*ggas, hiding behind tints
If you f*ckin\' with the Trap Lord, you committing sin
You gon' get what you asked for: two shots to the chest





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Yg - Click Clack Paroles

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