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Yg - Go So Deep Paroles

[Hook: TY$]
I go so deep
Lil' mama you's a freak though
Yeah, you are
Okay, I could f*ck with you
Okay, I could f*ck with you

[Verse 1: YG]
Slow dance n*gga on this grown man
I'm tryna hit it missionary while we hold hands
Turn your phone off so don't f*ck up the program
Then I eat it up while we listening to slow jams
Got her saying oh d*mn, got her saying oh f*ck
Cause I'm hitting all those spots a n*gga don't touch
No buts, you don't do s*it
I told her baby don't trip just f*ckin\' kiss
Yeah, a young n*gga stroke's so sick
I take it off then slide in then finna ()
Yup, a young n*gga make a soldier
I study her body like it's homework
I told her rock me like a chauffeur
But she ain't know how, so I had to show her
There's no limit when I'm in it
How you want it, you gon' get it
And when I finish, I'm a lick it lick it lick it


[Verse 2: PC]
Umm, I'm so ready and done with the chit-chatter
Wait a little it'll be () and I'm telling them () I key [?]
Down for the calls cause there's nothing that's gon' stop us
Slick talked your panties off breaking you, more proper
I'm, taking your breath just call me asthma
Make you come faster, are you crazy with back spasms
Get it how you want it cause baby it don't matter
I'm nasty, I could make that p*ssy () splatter
Lil' mama you's a freak, is you
Ha, well okay I could f*ck with you
I got it girl so promise you gon' keep your mouth shut
Ha, so low-key I gotta f*ck with you
You know w'sup and she always keep it real
She love that she let her finger ()
Do it so good she gon' remember that like ()
Pu$haz Ink The Label, b*tch you know how I do this
Can't f*ck with too many cause I gotta stay exclusive


[Bridge: TY$]
Ladies if you like it let me hear you say,
Alright, alright, alright
And if you wanna let me hear you say,
Okay, okay, okay
I could f*ck with you
I could f*ck with you
I go so deep


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Yg - Go So Deep Paroles

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